Switchgear Protection

Switchgear in the electrical room.


ailures with switchgear can cause an expansion of gas, air and oil (where oil filled switchgear is employed). This happens at a rapid rate causing a pressure spike, if Pressure Relief Venting is not installed in the surround building structure, there is a genuine risk of structural damage being caused.

An arc fault can result in a peak overpressure spike in around 10ms, so the Pressure Relief Vents should be of the counter-weighted design, such as Apreco’s, due to their quick reacting blade systems.
The Pressure Relief Vents should be self-closing to contain any resulting fire and to maintain the security of the room.

Apreco’s range of high quality Pressure Relief Vents also carry 4-hour fire resistance rating which is important to maintain fire integrity within the protected enclosure.

Pressure Relief Vents

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