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Air Pressure Stabiliser Refurbishment Services

Refurbishment of Units, Site Surveys & Condition Reports

Apreco now offers a complete service for repair and refurbishment on-site to keep your Theatres, Cleanrooms and Isolation Rooms running.

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On-Site Support of Air Pressure Stabilisers

Repair & Refurbishment

To ensure that the performance of an operating theatre is fit for purpose, it must undergo annual verification. Your annual verification report must be undertaken in accordance with HTM 03-01 which states that air pressure stabilisers should be checked for correct operation and cleaned annually. Apreco can carry out condition reports and site surveys of your air pressure stabilisers for you. We advise that you check your verification reports to ensure that your air pressure stabilisers are still working as per the original design.

Get in touch with our team if you require air pressure stabiliser refurbishment services and we would be happy to help, providing technical expertise, spare parts and replacements.

Your air pressure stabilisers are critical to the performance of your operating theatre, hospital, or healthcare setting. At Apreco, we understand that a malfunctioning system not only causes costly disruption and unplanned downtime, but it could also impact patient safety. To help you ensure that your operating theatres remain fully compliant, we offer a complete Air Pressure Stabiliser Refurbishment service, providing reporting and replacement of consumables.

The most common instances for refurbishment occur due to yoke breakages or bent blades caused by improper cleaning of the units. Air control blades are free of surface-mounted balance weights and can be removed and easily wiped clean for sterilisation. Care should be taken not to bend the air control blade in any way as this will affect its balance and the pressure setting.

The blade can remain in its frame for weekly cleaning with an option to fully remove if desired. The blades should be checked for correct fitment into the yokes of the flange following the cleaning process. Mops should not be used to clean the blades as this can damage the blades and yokes.


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