Fire Suppression

Level 5 Certification Fire Suppression SystemsApreco have been at the forefront of vent design in the fire suppression for many years. The AMax™ pressure relief vent was first brought to the market in 2002 to overcome the over-pressure issues with the removal of Halon from the market in the majority of fire suppression applications.

The Apreco range of fire suppression vents are designed specifically for over-pressure and under-pressure venting associated with inert and halocarbon Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems. Apreco fire suppression vents provide protection against over-pressure in the case of inert gas systems such as IG-55 and Inergen and under-pressure venting with gases such as FM200 and NOVEC 1230.

Apreco fire suppression vents are offered in a number of standard sizes for installation in both internal and external walls. Providing market leading performance across a range of pressures. Apreco fire suppression vents are designed to stay closed below 70Pa and fully open at typically 100Pa, this allows annual integrity room tests to be performed without the need to block the vents during such tests.

Apreco fire suppression vents have been successfully tested to meet the free vent area and fire resistance requirements of critical installations. Standard sizes are available for both internal and external wall installations.

Apreco Fire Suppression vents can be purchased as standalone units or in kit form.

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