• Fire suppression for data centres with air pressure vents
  • air pressure vents APSX Air Pressure Stabiliser in isolation rooms
  • isolation rooms air pressure vents
  • Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms with air pressure vents
  • air pressure relief vents for tall buildings
  • Air Flow Design
  • Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms with air pressure vents

Global Exporters

Exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide

Apreco have delivered our products to a global audience since our incorporation in 1997

air pressure stabilisers with Stertouch
Made In Britain
Fire Rated air pressure stabiliser
Worldwide Exporters

Together with our logistics partners and air and sea freight forwarders, we deliver your air pressure stabilisers and pressure relief vents to wherever you need them worldwide. The map below shows some of the locations where Apreco has completed major projects.


If you have a question about our products or would like a quotation, our team is ready to help.

For Use with Fire Suppression Systems

Pressure Relief Vents

Apreco fire suppression vents are designed for over-pressure venting associated with Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems, Dual Flo for Synthetic Gas Suppression Systems and for use in the pressurisation of stairwells.

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Pressure Vents
Protecting Against Airborne Contaminants

Air Pressure Stabilisers

Employed in Isolation Rooms, Aseptic Suites, Endoscopy suites, Pharmacies, Cardiac Catheter Laboratories, Sterile Services Departments, Interventional Radiology Suites, CAT 3 Laboratories and other specialist areas that may require infectious control.

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Air Pressure Stabiliser
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