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Clean Rooms



ospitals around the globe employ cascade ventilation systems to maintain positive pressurisation of operating theatres. This protects the Patients and Staff from the ingress of infectious agents, dust and bacteria by providing an invisible barrier of positive pressure when doors are within these rooms are opened.
This is a well-established principle of hygiene and infection control used the world over.
This system can also be employed in Isolation Rooms, Aseptic Suites, Endoscopy suites, Pharmacies, Cardiac Catheter Laboratories, Sterile Services Departments, Interventional Radiology Suites, CAT 3 Laboratories and other specialist areas which may require infectious control.

Apreco have been acknowledged for their assistance in contributing to Health Technical Memorandum (HTM 03-01) which supercedes HTM 2025. They have also assisted with the validation of Isolation Room design following Health Building Notes (HBN 4 : Supplement 1).

Apreco’s range of VARI-centric Air Pressure Stabilisers are self contained units which require no external power source to operate, relying solely on pressure differentials to mechincally operate.

Fire and smoke/Fire rated Stabilisers are available for installations where fire smoke/fire integrity must be maintained.

Clean Rooms

Clean RoomApreco’s leading VARI-centric® range of Pressure Stabilisers are designed to maintain a sterile environment. Our range is utilised in the clean rooms of pharmaceutical, healthcare and commercial companies for effective room differential pressure control.

All clean room areas should be either classified or non-classified. All classified areas should conform to an applicable standard. This standard is dependent upon geographic location and usage.

Air Pressure Stabilisers Environmental Monitoring

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