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SteriTouch-logo-200x200Apreco’s Partnership with SteriTouch®

Apreco were the first company to introduce antimicrobial coatings to Air Pressure Stabilisers in 2005.

Apreco today continue to utilise SteriTouch’s antimicrobial coatings.

In partnership with SteriTouch® Apreco have carried out independent tests to prove the antimicrobial performance and longevity of the powder coating finish applied to all our VARI-centric® Air Pressure Stabilisers and their accessories as standard.
These tests have proven that the silver ion technology in the SteriTouch coating remains active for over 10 years and reduces E.coli and MRSA organisms by 99.999% within a 24 hour duration.

SteriTouch® Coated Stabiliser Frame in RAL9010 as StandardSteriTouch® Coated Stabiliser Blade(s) in RAL9010 as StandardSteriTouch® Coated Stabiliser Accessories in RAL9010 as StandardIndependent Antimicrobial Performance TestsIndependent 10 Year Age Accelerated Tests

Apreco’s range of VARI-centric® Air Pressure Stabilisers have SteriTouch® coated Blades and Frames ensuring the highest antimicrobial protection available on the market.

Other products may claim to offer antimicrobial protection as standard, but in reality some may only utilise an antimicrobial coating on the frame. Other components which are left uncoated such as the stainless steel blades offer no antimicrobial protection. (as shown below and in our Independent report)

Why use SteriTouch®

SteriTouch - how silver ion technology works
SteriTouch’s powder coating used on the VARI-centric® Air Pressure Stabilisers utilises silver ions which hold extensive approvals including those for food contact.

All the active components used in the coating are approved by the EFSA and FDA and supported on the Biocidal Product Regulations.

The main function of the SteriTouch coating is to offer protection against a range of bacteria including e.coli, MRSA, Salmonella and Legionella, as well as black mould growth biofilm and fungi.

SteriTouch eradicates the bacteria which causes contamination and infection. Its purpose is not to create a sterile environment but to act as a complementary measure to routine cleaning.

Independent performance tests carried out for Apreco have proven that SteriTouch® powder coated VARI-centric® Air Pressure Stabilisers reduce E.coli  and MRSA organisms by 99.999% within a 24 hour duration.

Independent 10 year accelerated ageing tests carried out for Apreco have proven that SteriTouch® powder coated VARI-centric® Air Pressure Stabilisers resulted in no loss in antimicrobial performance.

To find out more about SteriTouch please visit their website

Why not to use Stainless Steel

bacteria on Stainless

Bacteria has survived a routine clean by finding shelter from the chemicals in brush marks on the stainless steel it landed on

Historically brushed Hair Line Stainless Steel has been the material of choice in the healthcare sector, however antimicrobial claims cannot be made for this material as it has not been supported for inclusion on the BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation).
The brushed surface finish on Stainless Steel also acts as a safe haven for bacteria allowing it to survive and thrive even after routine cleaning.

In Independent tests carried out for Apreco have proven E.coli organisms increased by 39% over a 24 hour period on Stainless Steel sample while the same size sample from a SteriTouch® powder coated VARI-centric® Air Pressure Stabiliser saw a reduce in E.coli organisms by 99.999%

For further information please download the detailed test report showing the antimicrobial differences between, Stainless Steel, Standard Powder coat and SteriTouch® powder coated VARI-centric® Air Pressure Stabilisers.

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