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EWCL5 is a ISO Guide 65/67 System 5 product certification through comprehensive quality performance assessment.

The EWCL5 requires both a Quality Management Systems (QMS) audit and a Factory Production Control (FPC) audit carried out by Warrington Certification prior to sampling and testing of the Fire Suppression Pressure Relief Vents, this then leads onto continuous annual inspection of the QMS and FPC ensuring product integrity is continuously maintained.

Warrington Certification witnessed the production of the Fire Suppression Pressure Relief Vents at Apreco before signing (marking) the finished product for testing at EXOVA, to ensure the witnessed assembled product is the one tested.

The EWCL5 on Apreco’s Fire Suppression Pressure Relief Vents covers Fire resistance and verified equivalent areas.

The EWCL5 Certificate for the IGV and SGV range of Fire Suppression Pressure Relief Vents can be viewed and downloaded directly from Warrington Certification


Fire Resistance Testing

IGV 4 Hour Fire Resistance
Apreco Fire Suppression Pressure Relief Vents have been fully tested and witnessed in BS EN1364-1 Fire Resistance Tests at EXOVA Warrington Fire laboratory which holds accreditation to perform such tests.

Unlike others the fire resistance tests were carried out on the largest units Apreco manufacture this ensures fire resistance integrity is maintained across the whole range of Fire Suppression Pressure Relief Vents supplied by Apreco.
The IGV-1010 inert gas vent and SGV-1010 Halocarbon gas vent successfully gained 4 hour fire resistance when tested.


Equivalent Area Testing

In addition to the Fire Resistance tests the Fire Suppression Pressure Relief Vents have also undergone testing at BSRIA to evaluate their Equivalent Area (also known as Free Vent Area) in accordance with test protocols and calculation methods in BS EN 13030 and EN 13141-1.

Unlike previous tests carried out by others these tests are the first to be carried dynamically to a BS EN Standard with the units opening via the differential pressure generated across the vent from the test rig.

FVA Dynamic Test


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