Wall LinerIGV Backing Flange

The Wall Liner is used to line the cavity produced in the substrate and with flanges that match that of the vent to produce a clean professional looking installation.

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WAL Drawing

WAL Drawing 49.06 KB 292 downloads

Cover Grille

Cover Grille The Cover Grille(s) can be fitted directly to both the vent and Wall Liner through the provided fixing holes. This helps to protect and hide the vent while not impeding on the Free Vent Area.

CVG Drawing

CVG Drawing 65.44 KB 273 downloads

Extension Sleeve

Ext SleeveThe Extension Sleeve allows the Vent to be installed in deeper walls. Each Sleeve increases the depth of the installation by upto a maximum of 75mm.
The Sleeve simply clips onto the back of the Wall Liner or Weather Louvre allowing for easy installation.

EXT Drawing

EXT Drawing 44.97 KB 230 downloads

Weather Cowl

Weather Cowl The Weather Cowl (used on unit models 0301 & 0501 ONLY) ensures the vent is protected from the outside elements while not impeding the FVA performance.

FWC Drawing

FWC Drawing 48.36 KB 212 downloads

Weather Louvre

Weather LouvreApreco’s High Free Vent Area (FVA) Weather Louvre used on external installations offers a large 65% FVA while ensuring the vent is protected from the outside elements.(The Louvre is used on unit models 0303 & upwards).

FWL Drawing

FWL Drawing 42.26 KB 331 downloads

Security Weather Louvre

Weather Cowl Designed specifically for use with Apreco’s range of Pressure Relief Vents with low loss 65% Free Vent Area. Robust design with a burglar resistant rating of BR2 as graded by Exova Warrington to WCL2 issue 2: 2008 Burglary Resistant Products.


SWL Drawing 52.40 KB 66 downloads


C-Frame Kit

C-frameThe C-Frame Kit allows the Vent to be installed in narrow walls. Each C-Frame Kit decreases the wall depth requirement of the installation by 135mm.

CFK Drawing

CFK Drawing 47.87 KB 249 downloads

Narrow C-Frame Kit

C-frameThe Narrow C-Frame Kit allows the Vent to be installed in narrow walls. Each Narrow C-Frame Kit decreases the wall depth requirement of the installation by 50mm.

NCF Drawing

NCF Drawing 49.43 KB 57 downloads

Security Grilles

C-frameThe SGL & SGM range of security grilles are designed to offer a light to medium security deterrent where Apreco Fire suppression vents and pressure relief vents could become subject to such environments.
The SGL & SGM are designed to also ensure the same market leading FVA is achieved as the Apreco vent its coupled to.

SGL/SGM Drawing

SGL/SGM Drawing 64.74 KB 45 downloads

Dynamic Cover Seal

The Dynamic Cover Seal (DCS) is used in conjuction with the IGV  or PRV-F in positive venting applications, where additional sealing of the enclosure is required and/or where acoustic/thermal breaks are required. The DCS can be used in applications where normal weather louvres cannot be used to reduce weather ingress.


DCS Drawing 47.53 KB 9 downloads


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