Pressure Relief Vents

PRV-F②-C Ceiling-Mounted Gas Vent

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    • Compliant with BS EN 15004-1, NFPA 2001 & LPS 1230
    • Single direction venting
    • Fully open @ 100 pascals
    • Serial Number Traceability
    • 10 Year Warranty as Standard

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    The PRV-F②-C Ceiling-mounted range of inert gas vents is designed specifically for over-pressure venting associated with inert gas high-pressure Fire Suppression Systems.

    The Vent is offered in two standard sizes for horizontal (ceiling) installation. Providing market-leading performance across a range of pressures.

    The vents are designed to start opening at 80Pa and fully open at 100Pa, this allows annual integrity room tests to be performed without the need to block the vents during such a test.


  • Apreco inert gas vent

    Demand for Apreco’s inert gas vent is increasing with the recognised need for over and under pressure venting associated with Inert and Synthetic Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems.

    Buildings are most commonly designed to withstand internal pressures of between 250 to 500Pa, though this can vary depending on the type of construction. The use of correctly sized and functioning pressure relief vents will protect such building structures from damage.

    Apreco inert gas vents are of ‘counter-weighted’ design to prevent the risks of over and under pressurisation resulting from the use of gas fire suppression systems.

    Specifically developed for these applications, the range can be used alongside a wide range of gas fire suppression systems to prevent structural damage and risk to personnel.

    Maximum room pressure is controlled by the vents opening to allow air to escape, then closing when discharge is complete. This maintains the dilution of the air, so preventing re-ignition.

    Halocarbon Pressure Relief Vent
  • Vent Sizes

    Standard stock models shown and sized. Bespoke sizes available upon request

    Model Free Vent Area
    (FVA m2)
    Nominal Size
    (W x H mm)
    Maximum size*
    (W x H mm)
    Aperture size
    (W x H mm)
    PRV-F②-C-0303 0.079 Internal
    0.061 External
    300 x 300 440 x 450 360 x 370 9.0
    PRV-F②-C-0505 0.212 Internal
    0.162 External
    500 x 500 640 x 650 560 x 570 17.0

    * Cover Grille maximum dimensions are 10mm greater than the stated PRV-F②-C inert gas vent maximum size.

  • PRV-F②-C Data sheet

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    PRV-F②-C Installation Guide

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    PRV-F②-C Drawing

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Pressure Relief Vents

PRV-123 Pressure Relief Vent

  • Single-way Pressure Relief Vent designed for air pressure relief of stairwells to EN 12101-6 and other industrial applications.
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