Pressure Relief Vents

SGV Dual Flo® Halocarbon Pressure Relief Vent

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    • EWCL5 with up to 3 hour fire resistance to BS EN 1634-1
    • BSRIA free vent area validation
    • True 2-way Halocarbon Gas Vent
    • Fully open within a range of 125Pa to 175Pa depending on the vent size.
    • Serial Number Traceability
    • 10 Year Warranty as Standard

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    Market-leading free vent area for a pressure relief vent designed specifically for Synthetic Gas Fire Suppression Systems. These systems utilise agents such as FM-200 and Novec 1230 which cool and breakdown the chemical reactions found in a fire producing both negative and positive pressurisation during a system discharge. No other vent on the market has the excellent 2-way performance characteristics the Apreco SGV gives you.

    To overcome the potential of structural damage the SGV vent Blades operate in both directions with the built-in ability to adjust the pressure setting. The Vents are offered in a number of standard sizes for installation in both internal and external walls. Providing market-leading performance across a range of pressures all of which has been independently verified by third parties.

    A control device holds the individual blades closed to allow room pressure integrity tests to be carried out effectively.

    No other dual flow vent on the market has this flexibility.

    The vents are designed to start opening at 70Pa and fully open within a range of 125Pa to 175Pa depending on the vent size. this allows annual integrity room tests to be performed without the need to block the vents during such a test.

    The SGV has been successfully tested at EXOVA Warrington Fire following the performance test criteria of BS EN 1634-1, achieving up to 3 hours of fire resistance.

    The SGV is the first halocarbon Gas Pressure Relief Vent in the world that has been certified to EWCL5.

    Click here to find out more about EWCL5 certification.

  • Demand for Apreco Halocarbon Pressure Relief Vent

    Demand for Apreco’s Halocarbon Pressure Relief Vent is increasing with the recognised need for under pressure venting associated with Synthetic Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems.

    Buildings are most commonly designed to withstand internal pressures of between 250 to 500Pa, though this can vary depending on the type of construction. The use of correctly sized and functioning pressure relief vents will protect such building structures from damage.

    Apreco’s SGV Dual Flo gas vents are of ‘counter-weighted’ design to prevent the risks of over and under pressurisation resulting from the use of gas fire suppression systems. The Apreco range of pressure relief vents have been successfully tested to EN1634-1 criteria to provide up to 3-hour fire-resistance rating.

    Specifically developed for these applications, the range can be used alongside a wide range of gas fire suppression systems to prevent structural damage and risk to personnel.

    Maximum room pressure is controlled by the vents opening to allow air to escape, then closing when discharge is complete. This maintains the dilution of the air, so preventing re-ignition.

    Halocarbon Pressure Relief Vent
  • Vent Sizes

    Standard stock models shown and sized. Bespoke sizes available upon request

    Model Free Vent Area
    (FVA m2)
    Nominal Size
    (W x H mm)
    Maximum size*
    (W x H mm)
    Aperture size
    (W x H mm)
    SGV-0301 0.024 Internal
    0.024 External
    300 x 100 440 x 250 360 x 170 3.0
    SGV-0501 0.040 Internal
    0.040 External
    500 x 100 640 x 250 560 x 170 7.5
    SGV-0303 0.078 Internal
    0.059 External
    300 x 300 440 x 450 360 x 370 8.0
    SGV-0505 0.220 Internal
    0.163 External
    500 x 500 640 x 650 560 x 570 17.0
    SGV-0707 0.434 Internal
    0.220 External
    700 x 700 840 x 850 760 x 770 26.0
    SGV-1010 0.891 Internal
    0.650 External
    1000 x 1000 1140 x 1150 1060 x 1070 43.0

    * Cover Grille maximum dimensions are 10mm greater than the stated SGV Vent maximum size.
    ** Weights are indicative and relate to SGV Vent and Wall Liner combined.
    Standard Internal wall depth coverage is 140 to 220mm (External 220 to 240mm) extension Sleeve(s) can be added in 75mm increments.

  • Internal Wall Installation


    This typical installation consists of:
    1 x SGV Vent
    1 x Wall Liner

    External Wall Installation

    Internal wall installation for Synthetic Gas Vent

    This typical installation consists of:
    1 x Cover Grille
    1 x SGV Vent
    1 x Fixed Weather Louvre or Fixed Weather Cowl Kit

    Deep Wall Installation


    This typical installation consists of:
    1 x SGV Vent
    1 x Extension Sleeve
    1 x Wall Liner

    Narrow Wall Installation


    This typical installation consists of:
    1 x SGV Vent
    1 x C-Frame Kit
    1 x Wall Liner

    Wall Liner

    Wall Liner for pressure relief vent

    The Wall Liner is used to line the cavity produced in the substrate and with flanges that match that of the vent to produce a clean professional looking installation.

    Cover Grilles

    cover grilles for vents

    Apreco’s extensive range of cover grilles can be fitted directly to both the vent and Wall Liner through the provided fixing holes, not impeding on the Free Vent Area.

    Extension Sleeve

    Extension Sleeve

    The Extension Sleeve allows the Pressure Relief Vent to be installed in deeper walls, increasing the depth of the installation by up to a maximum of 75mm.

    Fixed Weather Cowl

    Weather Cowl for Vents

    The  Fixed Weather Cowls (FWC) (used on unit models 0301 & 0501 ONLY) ensure the vent is protected from the outside elements while not impeding the FVA performance.

    Fixed Weather Louvre

    Weather Louvre for Vents

    Apreco’s High Free Vent Area (FVA) Fixed Weather Louvre (FWL) is used on external installations offers a large 65% FVA while ensuring the vent is protected from the outside elements.

    Security Weather Louvre

    Security Weather Louvre

    The Security Weather Louvre has been designed specifically for use with Apreco’s range of Pressure Relief Vents with low loss 65% Free Vent Area. Robust design with a burglar-resistant rating of BR2.

    C-Frame Kit

    C-Frame Kit

    The C-Frame Kit allows the Vent to be installed in narrow walls. Each C-Frame Kit decreases the wall depth requirement of the installation by 135mm.

    Narrow C-Frame Kit

    Narrow C-Frame Kit

    The Narrow C-Frame Kit allows the Vent to be installed in narrow walls. Each Narrow C-Frame Kit decreases the wall depth requirement of the installation by 50mm.

  • SGV (Synthetic Gas Pressure Relief Vent) Data Sheet

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    SGV (Synthetic Gas Pressure Relief Vent) Drawing

    Category: Drawings Filetype: pdf

    SGV Installation Guide

    Category: Installation Guides Filetype: pdf

    SGV / Fixed Weather Louvre Installation Guide

    Category: Installation Guides Filetype: pdf

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