Air Pressure Stabilisers

APSX®-C Ceiling Mounted Air Pressure Stabiliser

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    The patented VARI-centric® range of Ceiling Mounted Air Pressure Stabilisers are purpose-designed for clean environments, such as Operating Theatres, Isolation Rooms and Cleanrooms to control airborne contamination by controlling room pressure differentials.

    The VARI-centric® balancing system accurately controls the differential air pressure between adjacent rooms, and the blades close fully as soon as the pressure differential drops below the required level. This diverts the airflow to pass through an open door forcing back airborne contamination without the need to alter the air extract supply.

    The positive pressure of the Operating Theatres to protect them from the ingress of infectious agents passing through the open doors, by providing high air volume rates, is a well-established principle of hygiene and infection control, forming the fundamental principles on which Health Technical Memorandums HTM 03-01 & HTM 2025 are based.

    Following the philosophy of HBN 4 Supplement 1: Isolation facilities in acute settings, Ceiling Air Pressure Stabilisers are utilised to control the pressure differential between the Corridor and Isolation room. Within Cleanrooms they are used to facilitate the cascade of air pressures to maintain a sterile environment where facilities are conforming to ISO 14664-1 and BS 5295.

    Apreco VARI-centric® Ceiling Air Pressure Stabilisers and associated products are supplied as standard with SteriTouch® paint finish, utilising silver technology – which is already used extensively within the healthcare sector as excellent anti-microbial protection in conjunction with good hygiene practices. SteriTouch® is extremely effective in helping to protect against harmful bacteria including MRSA, Ecoli, salmonella and C-diff

    We are the only company that can offer ceiling mounted stabilisers

  • Operating Theatres

    The APSX®-C Ceiling Mounted Air Pressure Stabiliser is utilised to maintain the positive pressurisation of operating theatres and isolation rooms, to protect them from the ingress of infectious agents passing through open doors by providing high air volume flow rates is a well-established principle of hygiene and infection control.

    Apreco has been acknowledged for their assistance in contributing to Health Technical Memorandum (HTM 03-01) which supersedes HTM 2025. They have also assisted with the validation of Isolation Room design following Health Building Notes (HBN 4: Supplement 1).

    The importance of air pressure stabilisers in operating theatres

    Clean Rooms

    Apreco’s leading APSX®-C Ceiling Mounted Air Pressure Stabiliser has designed to maintain a sterile environment. Our range is utilised in the cleanrooms of pharmaceutical, healthcare and commercial companies for effective room differential pressure control.

    All cleanroom areas should be either classified or non-classified. All classified areas should conform to an applicable standard. This standard is dependant upon geographic location and usage.

    APSX®-C Ceiling Mounted Air Pressure Stabiliser in cleanrooms

    Isolation Rooms

    When following the guidelines of HBN4 Supplement 1: Isolation facilities in acute settings the APSX®-C Ceiling Mounted Air Pressure Stabiliser is utilised to maintain the positive pressurisation lobby ensuring that air from the corridor does not enter the isolation room, and that air from the room does not escape into the corridor. This basic but effective design enables the suite to be used for both source and protective isolation without the need for switchable ventilation or special training for staff. Importantly it also provides safe isolation for those patients whose exact condition is unknown.

    air pressure vents APSX Air Pressure Stabiliser in isolation rooms
  • Metric Selection

    The method below will give you an indication of the size of unit required for a given volume flow-rate at a given pressure.

    Use Table A to calculate the total length of blade required, and then divide it into sections of equal length using values from Table B.


    Selecting a Ceiling Air Pressure Stabiliser capable of transferring 310 l/s (0.31 m3/s) @ 5 Pa.

    Stage 1:
    310 x 7.35 = 2278.5 mm of total blade length.Where: 310 = Volume in l/s and 7.35 = Factor from Table A relating to 5 Pa.

    Stage 2:
    Divide the calculated total blade length into equal lengths using one of the standard blade lengths from Table B.

    Consideration should be made regarding any physical restrictions that the building may impose before selecting the blade length for the unit.

    Total calculated blade length of 2132.33 divided by 4 blades = 533.08 mm.

    Rounded up to the nearest standard blade increment from Table B gives you 4 x 550 blades.

    Table A (Factors)

    Pa Factor Pa Factor
    5 7.35 17 3.98
    10 5.20 20 3.68
    15 4.25 25 3.29

    Table B (Blade Lengths in mm)

    200 325 450
    225 350 475
    250 375 500
    275 400 525
    300 425 550
  • APSX®C (Ceiling Mounted Air Pressure Stabiliser) Data Sheet

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    APSX-C (Ceiling Mounted Air Pressure Stabiliser) Drawing

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    APSX-C Installation Guide

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    APSX (Standard Air Pressure Stabiliser) O&M

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Air Pressure Stabilisers

APSX®-FSS Smoke Fire Rated Air Pressure Stabiliser

  • Operating range: 3 to 50pa
  • Smoke/Fire Rating: 60 Minutes
  • Serial Number Traceability
  • Incorporating VARI-Fix® system
  • Patent pending GB 2600994
  • Encased within Smoke/Fire Damper
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