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APSX®-FSS Smoke Fire-Rated Air Pressure Stabiliser: Crucial for Life Safety in Specialised Settings


Controlling the spread of fire and smoke is crucial in healthcare environments, where both fire outbreaks and infectious contagions pose life-threatening hazards.

The evacuation of patients can present mobilisation challenges, such as the extraction of patients tethered to life-saving equipment. The integrity of operating theatres and isolation rooms is equally important to prevent the spread of airborne contaminant during evacuation.

Apreco addresses these unique challenges with our APSX®-FSS Smoke Fire-Rated Air Pressure Stabiliser. Researched, developed, and tested in conjunction with mechanical and electrical engineers and WarringtonFire, we are proud to introduce our newly-launched air pressure stabiliser incorporating a 60-minute fire and smoke damper.

Apreco’s APSX®-FSS Smoke Fire-Rated Air Pressure Stabiliser controls air pressure differentials between adjacent areas such as rooms and corridors. An air pressure differential refers to a difference in air pressure. Regulating these variances creates an invisible barrier that prevents air travelling from one area to another.

How air pressure stabilisers prevent the spread of airborne particles

Colony-forming units (CFUs) are pockets of disease-causing microbes that enter the human body through different channels, such as the respiratory tract. The prevention and containment of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are of the utmost importance as they have serious financial, clinical, and psychological impacts, which include:

• Prolonged hospital stays.
• Remedial surgeries and other invasive interventions.
• Added stress on patients.

Air pressure stabilisers are the first line of defence against the spread of nosocomial infections. These systems are generally employed in facilities such as:

• Operating theatres.
• Pharmaceutical and sterile clean rooms.
• Aseptic and isolation areas in intensive and high-care units.

The importance of smoke and fire dampers in healthcare constructions

Fire prevention and control remain major issues not only in the United Kingdom but worldwide. Recent fire outbreaks once again highlighted the vital importance of the correct precautions, which start with infrastructure measures in buildings.

Fire and smoke dampers close automatically in the event of a fire. This closure limits the spread of fire and keeps life-saving evacuation routes smoke-free.

Why choose the APSX®-FSS Smoke Fire-Rated Air Pressure Stabiliser

The APSX®-FSS Smoke Fire-Rated Air Pressure Stabiliser is an inventive system that combines the essential functions of an air pressure stabiliser and fire/smoke damper. It also incorporates the VARI-centric® balancing system, which accurately controls air pressures between adjacent rooms and closes the blades once the air pressure drops below a required level.

WarringtonFire performed extensive tests to ensure this system complies with BS EN 1364-5:2017 Fire Resistance and BS476-31-1:1983 Smoke leakage standards, bringing unmatched quality and a product that can be installed with confidence. This brand new innovation by Apreco ensures the life safety of your buildings.

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