Following the philosophy of HBN 4 Supplement 1: Isolation facilities in acute settings, Bespoke Air Pressure Stabilisers are utilised to control the pressure differential between the Corridor and Isolation room. Within Cleanrooms they are used to facilitate the cascade of air pressures to maintain a sterile environment where facilities are conforming to ISO 14664-1 and BS 5295.

Apreco VARI-centric® Bespoke Air Pressure Stabilisers and associated products are supplied as standard with SteriTouch® paint finish, utilising silver technology – which is already used extensively within the healthcare sector as an excellent anti-microbial protection in conjunction with good hygiene practices. SteriTouch® is extremely effective in helping to protect against harmful bacteria including MRSA, Ecoli, salmonella and C-diff

Our Bespoke APS® Air Pressure Stabilisers can be designed to meet your needs, these include Ceiling and thin wall/door mounted units.